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Big Bang 2009: Let us in! --- MASTER POST

Finally, finally.

Three failed betas, two major power outages, one lost artist, and one lost laptop power cord later – I am still posting this motherfucker. I win.

Title: Let us in!
Author: grace_fully
Artist: megselv
Genre: RPS, AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R for non-explicit sexual situations
Word count: ~37,600
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I have no claim to anything or anyone related to Supernatural, the CW, or any of the actors/actresses mentioned in this writing. This is purely fiction.
Jensen's been doing this shit way too long. If it weren't for a vicious burning love for schizophrenics, manic depressives, and the pervasively paranoid, Jensen would have ditched his counseling job a long time ago.

Enter Jared - a headstrong, noble rookie who needs to be shown the ropes, and takes to Jensen like he's just found a new religion. Jensen and the rest of the counselors (Mike, Alona, Danneel, Kristen, Katie, Misha, and Chris) quickly find out that Jared doesn't deal well with some of the things their boss has been throwing at them, and suddenly Jensen finds himself trying to keep Jared from steamrolling over all the hard work and dedication they've given to their clients.

Trouble is, Jared's just trying to do what's right, and now Jensen's got to face some questions he's been avoiding for far too long.

ART: is here, by the lovely and wonderful megselv!!

PODFIC: in june of 2010, chemm80 made an incredible recording of this 37k-word behemoth. i listened to it one night in bed, in the dark, and was blown away. absolutely lovely; i am so grateful to her for doing this! download listen & comment here. thank you again, you wonderful woman.

Let us in!

We’re out of our medicine,
Out of our minds,
And we want in yours --
Let us in!

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

There is a glossary.
So: for some people these definitions may not be necessary, and some are downright self-explanatory. But I thought I would take a lot of key terms from this story and break them down in a glossary for readers to refer to, in case they are unfamiliar. I am defining them myself, with minimal use of a dictionary or textbook, so that they are true to context and as easy to understand as possible.

glossary of mental healthcare terminology

author’s notes:
A huge thank you to everyone (okay mainly my twitter page) who had to deal with me while I flipped out, cried, and panicked my way through writing this. Thank you, for not killing me. I’m sorry I was insufferable.

Greatest thanks to my amazing pinch-artist, megselv, who not only completely saved the day and created great visuals for this writing, but gave me some invaluable advice and critiquing. Thank you, for all of your time and encouragement.

Thanks to my original artist, prettify, for those few days we were super-excited to work with each other. You ramped me up, gave me great feedback, and you were so wonderfully encouraging and open. I still hope to collaborate on something with you at some point!

A big giant thank you to my number 1 beta, ewlyn, who sacrificed a lot of her scant, precious personal time to read my dumb story and give me some running feedback. You are truly the greatest, Hadley, thank you. As always – call me if you need a babysitter :)

last and certainly never least, thank you to all the gals at spn_j2_bigbang for keeping this community going, and for spending what i imagine to be inordinate amounts of time keeping the show on the road. it's grown immensely each year, and has become a truly formidable task. thank you all for giving us the opportunity to do this!
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